Our goal

DrinkSalt wants offers the purest, highest quality zero sugar electrolytes throughout Europe. We are a team of high-performers who design and develop products that we consume ourselves too. We do not settle for average or good enough. We want to bring the best quality electrolytes directly to the European consumer, with local & sustainable sourcing.

We try to improve daily and go the extra mile to reach the best results, whether that is about customer service or product quality. We always strive to do better. We firmly believe happiness should be shared and we never forget the humble beginnings we come from. That’s why we commit to giving back to the community, whether that is by volunteering or donating to non-profit organizations.

We will never willingly add any fillers, GMOs, artificial dyes, sugar, toxins or other dodgy junk ingredients to our products. We fully endorse pure, high-quality, nourishing ingredients whenever possible. Your body will love it, and you’ll get to enjoy the taste without any of the nasty stuff. That’s why we created DrinkSalt.

Here’s to a salty future!
Here’s to your health!

–Team DrinkSalt

Customer Service

Please reach out whenever you have any question of concerns as we’re more than happy to help. For any questions, please mail us at: help@drinksalt.com.

Company Info

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Lekbaardersstraat 1, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium
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