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Why DrinkSalt?

Why should I DrinkSalt?
Unlike sugar, your body cannot create any salt on its own. This makes salt an essential electrolyte (essential means that your body cannot create these itself). However, there are a number of essential electrolytes that modern man is commonly deficient in. By consuming DrinkSalt, you replenish any deficiency you have in a superb way. Good to know that we focus on including the 3 essential electrolytes that we believe will give you the biggest bang for your buck. We don’t include anything your body doesn’t need.

How does DrinkSalt taste?
We’ve been working hard to create electrolytes that we’re proud of, and that we think you will love. We’re a big fan of all 2 flavors.
DrinkSalt Pure: If you like a pure unflavored electrolyte mix, this is for you.
DrinkSalt Lemon: if you like a subtle lemon flavor, you’ll like this one.

How do I use DrinkSalt Electrolytes?

How do I use DrinkSalt Electrolytes?
We’ve made it super easy for you, with this 3 step process:
1. Pour your favorite flavor into a glass (or bottle) of ice-cold sparkling (or still) water.
2. Stir with a spoon or shake your bottle.
3. Ready 🙂
You can enjoy your DrinkSalt electrolytes at the office, while training, during a hike, when traveling or simple on-the-go.

How much water should I use?
It’s really up to you. You decide on the intensity of the flavor. We recommend enjoying 1 sachet of DrinkSalt Electrolytes in ~500 ml of ice-cold sparkling (or still) water.

What’s in your packages?

Do you use any sugar?
No, we do not. We don’t use any sugar. Sugar is a major contributor to many modern-day health issues. We’ve switched to a very low sugar lifestyle many years ago. Also, why would you want sugar in your water anyway? Contrary to other popular electrolytes that are loaded with sugar, DrinkSalt Electrolytes are 100% free of sugar, GMOs and other BS.

Where are DrinkSalt Electrolytes produced?
We operate from Europe and source our premium ingredients from controlled and sustainable partners.

Are DrinkSalt Electrolytes suitable for diabetics?
As always, check with your physician before changing your diet. Having said that, depending on the flavor, DrinkSalt Pure & DrinkSalt Lemon do not contain any sugar or carbohydrates.

What if I am a curious buyer and don’t know what flavor to choose?
We’ve got you covered! Our ‘sample pack’ contains a number of individual servings of our 2 flavors. Get your sample pack today, and start feeling refreshed, rehydrated and re-energized. Click here to shop.

Are your ingredients vegan?
Our electrolytes are vegan friendly because we don’t use any animal byproducts at all. We are just not vegan certified on our label.

Does DrinkSalt contain any artificial dyes or colorings?
No. Never ever will we add any artificial dyes or coloring to our products. That’s why they look cloudy when you first put our electrolytes in water. The BIG question is: how come other electrolyte drink mixes are clear?

How is DrinkSalt different?

How is DrinkSalt different from other companies that produce electrolytes?
We are a European direct-to-consumer company. What does that mean? We locally source the cleanest premium ingredients, create the electrolyte mixes, have them packaged and then we send them directly to you. Unlike many other producers, we aren’t purchasing bulk dodgy filler ingredients or slapping our logo on the package of 3rd party cheapo electrolytes. Also, DrinkSalt is 100% European made. We’ve built relationships with people we consider champions in their field to find the best balance for our electrolytes. Plus, shipping directly to your door helps us ensure the quality of our product, while keeping the costs down for you (no expensive import / shipping fees).

Low-carb diets & the keto flu

Does DrinkSalt contain carbs?
No. DrinkSalt Pure & DrinkSalt Lemon do not contain any carbs.

What is the Keto Flu?
In most cases the so-called Keto Flu is an effect of electrolyte imbalance. People that go low-carb are more prone to electrolyte deficiency because of 2 main reasons:
1. they eat less processed food and thus eat less (processed) sodium.
2. during any low-carb period, the body excretes electrolytes at a higher pace. (Less carbs means there is less need for your body to hold on to water).

It’s common to experience some combination of headaches, shivering, muscle cramps, light-headedness, sleep issues, low-energy, fatigue and irritability when switching to a low-carb (or even zero-carb diet).

Does DrinkSalt help prevent the Keto Flu?
Adding DrinkSalt Electrolytes can help you prevent the keto flu (or at the very least reduce its effects). We recommend that you keep your electrolyte intake on point and don’t wait till you feel the Keto Flu symptoms. Try it for yourself and tell us how you feel.

Order Tracking, Shipping info and Other Details

Once my order is shipped, how can I track my order?
We keep you updated every step of the way! A confirmation email will be sent to you with tracking information. If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding your package, please contact us.

Can I buy DrinkSalt anywhere else, like supermarkets or pharmacies?
DrinkSalt electrolytes are only available online, for shipping direct to you. We offer you European-made premium electrolytes at a competitive price point by cutting out the middleman or avoiding expensive import fees.

Are you shipping internationally?
It depends. If you live in Europe, we’re happy to serve you. If you live outside of Europe, there should be other producers near you too.

Why do you focus on the European market?
Because we live in Europe and want to focus on serving our European customers, without impacting the planet by shipping across the world.

I live in Europe, but my country is not listed?
We’re continuously expanding our list of European countries we ship to. If your country is not listed, please contact us and we’ll make you a personalized shipping offer.

Can I ship to multiple addresses?
No. While we are unable to split a single order, if you’ve created an Account, you can update your shipping address at any time in your Account Settings.

What do I do if the DrinkSalt packages I receive are damaged? Or if it’s missing a stick pack?
We put the utmost care into packaging up and shipping your electrolytes, but accidents happen from time to time, and there’s no use in crying over spilled electrolytes. Please contact us if your box has a damaged or missing item and we’ll be more than happy to replace it.

Can I return my DrinkSalt electrolytes if I’m not satisfied?
We hope you adore our electrolytes! It’s a labor of love to source these pure premium ingredients and produce electrolytes with this level of care, pureness and impact. If, for any reason, you’re dissatisfied, please contact us at help@drinksalt.com. We’ll do our best to make it right. 

Have any other questions?

Please reach out to us. We’re happy to help whenever and wherever we can.